Brasmar Group Units

Brasmar Group Brasmar Group Units

Brasmar has 6 industrial units ready to meet the most demanding specifications requested by our clients.

The several industrial units that comprise the Brasmar Group combine the best manufacturing practices with a strong investment in state-of-the-art technology and machinery. With specialised production units by type of product, we are able to offer a wide selection of frozen, chilled and salted sea products.

The Group also has 11 commercial units, which include teams prepared to respond to the market needs in which they operate.

Brasmar around the world

Portugal: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 3 industrial units and 2 commercial units in Portugal.

Industrial units:

  • Trofa – Frozen products
  • Gafanha da Nazaré – Salted codfish
  • V. N.Famalicão – Salted codfish

Commercial units:

  • Trofa (Head office)
  • V. N. Famalicão

Spain: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 2 industrial units and 3 commercial units in Spain.

Industrial units:

  • León – Smoked products
  • Logroño – Cooked products

Commercial units:

  • Madrid
  • Vigo
  • Logroño

USA: Commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team dedicated to the American market, based in Miami, Florida.

Norway: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 1 industrial unit and 1 commercial unit in Norway.

Industrial unit:

  • Brodr. Aarseth in Ellingsøy – Salted codfish

Commercial unit:

  • Aalesund Seafood in Alesund – Codfish and derivatives

Italy: Brasmar Italia SRL commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team based in the Italian market.

Brazil: Marnobre commercial unit

The Brasmar Group has 1 commercial unit in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo.

France: Sedisal commercial unit

The Brasmar Group has 1 commercial unit in France, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz .

United Kingdom: Commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team dedicated to the UK market, based in London.


Frozen products

Trofa, Portugal

The production unit located in Trofa is dedicated to the processing of frozen products in the following categories: fish, soaked codfish, cephalopods, seafood, crustaceans and the preparation of fish and seafood mixes.
This unit is also prepared to receive fresh octopus, from the catch of the day, being able to process the product from evisceration to packaging.

The production capacity is 2200 tonnes/month:
Fish and Shellfish: 1200 tonnes
Octopus: 500 tonnes
Codfish: 500 tonnes


Dried salted codfish

Famalicão, Portugal

The production unit located in Vilarinho das Cambas, municipality of Famalicão, is dedicated to the processing of salted and dried salted codfish. Now known as Grupomar, this unit has been, for almost 25 years, a reference in quality and service for the restaurants in the region.

The production capacity is 150 tonnes/month:
Dried salted codfish: 100 tonnes
Wet salted cod: 50 tonnes



Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal

The production unit located in Gafanha da Nazaré is dedicated to the processing and transformation of salted and dried salted codfish, as well as light salted codfish.
This unit is one of the oldest codfish drying companies in Gafanha da Nazaré, therefore, it is recognised for the work that it has been developing for more than 40 years. Since 2018, Brasmar has undergone several interventions for restructuring and modernising its activity, in order to be able to meet all the orders made by our clients.

The production capacity is 500 tonnes/month:
Dried salted codfish: 200 tonnes
Wet salted cod: 250 tonnes
Light salted codfish: 50 tonnes


Smoked products

León, Spain

The production unit La Balinesa is located in León, Spain, and is dedicated to the processing of smoked products, especially salmon, codfish and trout. In addition to the smoked products, it also processes chilled soaked codfish and codfish carpaccio.
In its portfolio of products, there is a special emphasis on the transformation of smoked salmon from several origins: Norway, Iceland, Chile and Scotland. In La Balinesa, the marketed products are mainly chilled, but they can also be frozen, according to the client’s request.

The production capacity is 220 tonnes/month:
Smoked products: 185 tonnes
Carpaccios: 35 tonnes


Cooked products

Logroño, Spain

The production unit Foncasal is located in Logroño, Spain, and is specialised in the transformation and processing of cooked products, especially cephalopods such as octopus, flying squid, cuttlefish and squid, and also seafood salads, seafood burgers and octopus carpaccio. In addition to the cooked products, it has a portfolio of chilled fourth range products, comprised of full fish meals, vegetables and other side dishes, fish burgers and seafood salads. These products are currently marketed by the Nuchar brand, in the Listo y Delicioso range. In addition to its full range of sea products, it has had, for several years, a bacon product, which is marketed in the international market.

The production capacity is 110 tonnes/month:
Cooked cephalopods: 80 tonnes
Fish dishes: 20 tonnes
Salads/Seafood cocktails: 10 tonnes

Chilled products

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

SEDISAL is a French company specialized in the distribution of chilled seafood products. The company has the distribution of chilled octopus and cod as one of its main areas of expertise, with a strong presence in the French market, both in the retail channel and in food service.

Sedisal was founded in 1999 with the goal of preparing, selecting, and distributing salted cod in the south of France, quickly becoming a reference in the main French distribution and on the Horeca channel.

With a selection of ready-to-eat cooked cephalopods available under the NUCHAR brand, the company nowadays has an established position in modern French distribution.

NUCHAR was the first brand to establish itself on the French market, offering innovative, easy-to-prepare products that adapt to the trends and cultures of the geographical regions in which it operates.

Sedisal is also investing in its own brand, Itsaluz Lumiére de Oceans, to sell cod-based products.

The company’s mission is to invest in innovation, constantly looking for new opportunities in the seafood market.

The distribution capacity is 2000 tonnes/year:
Cooked products: 800 tonnes
Cod: 1200 tonnes

Frozen products

London, United Kingdom

Holmes Seafood is based in Billingsgate Market, in London, and is specialised in frozen sea products for the wholesale trade sector.
With more more than 70 years, this unit is one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of branded frozen seafood, currently having a range of more than 300 products.



Ellingsøy, Norway

The production unit Brodr. Aarseth, located in Ålesund, Norway, is dedicated to the processing of salted and dried salted codfish.

The production capacity is 650 tonnes/month:
Dried salted codfish: 300 tonnes
Wet salted cod: 350 tonnes