Projeto Migos

Brasmar supports and follows “Projeto Migos – primeiro amigo”, a project created in April 2017 based on the Octo Project, in Denmark, which is comprised of a group of volunteers who started creating small crochet octopuses to donate to premature babies in several neonatal care units.

This project started when a Danish team discovered that the small octopus soothes and comforts premature babies, promoting improvements in their respiratory and cardiac systems. Although there are no scientific studies on this practice, the medical teams believe that the babies feel calmer and more protected, since the contact with the octopus tentacles resemble the touch of the umbilical cord and the sense of safety in the mother’s womb. Another important aspect is that the babies that are in contact with the octopuses are less prone to trying to remove the wires and tubes placed in the incubator.

Although “Projeto Migos” follows almost all the requirements of the Danish project, the close contact with neonatal units in Portuguese hospitals enabled the adaptation of the Migos octopuses to the Portuguese needs, in terms of their size and safety conditions. In the period of one year (from April 2017 to April 2018), the Migos association distributed around 2000 octopuses in Portugal. Currently, it is already present in the most important hospitals in the country and it does not want to stop here, it aims to reach the entire mainland and islands.

From the several actions we promote, we highlight the following:

Attributiom of “Brasmar” merit awards
“Food quality control and processing” training course, promoted by the FORAVE (Association for Vale do Ave Education) vocational school;

Attribution of the best student award regarding the “Food quality control and processing technician” training course, promoted by the FORAVE vocational school;


Sponsor of the Portuguese League Against Cancer


Sponsor of ASAS
(Association of Social Solidarity of Santo Tirso)

Sponsor of APPACDM
(Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Citizen of Trofa)


Sponsor of the Portuguese Red Cross


Sponsor of the Irmandade Santa Casa da Misericórdia religious order of Trofa


Sponsor of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Trofa


Sponsor of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Ílhavo


Award of Brasmar Group allowances, donations and sponsorships

Brasmar supports and encourages the organisation of events and initiatives that contribute to the promotion of knowledge, innovation, socioeconomic development and sustainability of the industry and/or the regions in which the Brasmar Group operates, as well as the well-being of their communities.
The contributions take place through an intervention within its social responsibility, through allowances, donations and sponsorships.

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