About us

Brasmar Group SGPS is an invested company of the Vigent Group and MCH Private Equity. Founded in 2003, it currently assumes the position of Portuguese market leader in the seafood industry, with the highlight going to its operational, financial and organisational performance.

Message from the CEO Vigent Group

Brasmar emerged and grew due to an enormous passion for the sea, always maintaining, throughout the years, a decisive proximity with the culture, respect and tradition of the oceans. Today, we are prominent leaders in the seafood industry and one of the major Iberian players in codfish transformation and marketing, to which we also add the growing importance of our activity in the transformation and marketing of cephalopods. We assume a determining contribution to the socioeconomic development of the countries where we operate. This is possible thanks to the capacity that we always knew we had of taking risks in areas that take us further: new products, new processes, and competent and dedicated teams.

The capacity to challenge and exceed ourselves is part of our DNA. These factors allow us to export to more than 40 countries and have a direct presence in countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and USA. For this reason, today’s Brasmar belongs to the world – and that is how it will be, increasingly so. We believe in the innovation and modernisation of processes, in the sustainability of the future, and in the work and management models. With an assertive and clear vision of the future, in line with our specialised and multi-tasking teams, who share our passion for the sea, we will do everything we can to bring to each table, fresh and high-quality products. Beyond our structures, beyond the sea, beyond the horizon: we take our “Passion for Seafood” all over the world.

Sérgio Silva

Facts & Figures

  • Top 1000 largest Portuguese companies: 173rd place (year 2022)

  • 11 commercial branches: São Paulo (Brazil), Miami (USA), Milan (Italy), Alesund (Norway), Saint-Jean-de-Luz (France), London (United Kingdom), Madrid, Logroño and Vigo (Spain), Trofa and Famalicão (Portugal)

  • Top 5 Iberian companies in the sector leading the portuguese market

  • 6 production units + 60,000 m2 of built area

  • Export to + 40 countries

  • + de 650 employees



Acquisition of the British company Holmes Seafood, specialised in frozen seafood products for the wholesale trade sector..


La Balinesa and Nuchar rebranding. Update the image of the Brasmar Brand. Acquisition of the majority of the Sedisal share capital, a company specialised in the distribution of chilled seafood products.


Formation of the Brasmar USA LLC and Brasmar Italia SRL branches.


Acquisition of the Spanish companies, La Balinesa and Foncasal, experts in smoked and cooked products. Formation of the Brasmar Group SGPS.


Modernisation of Friaveiro, which is currently Industrial Unit 3.


Creation of an area to process Cephalopods. Rebranding of Brasmar.


Brasmar acquired the total share capital of Grupomar, which is currently Industrial Unit 2. Acquisition of the Friaveiro company, one of the oldest codfish drying companies in Gafanha da Nazaré. Extension of Industrial Unit 1: + 6000m2.


Acquisition of 50% of the share capital of Aalesund Seafood and Brodr. Aarseth companies, in Norway.


Constitution of the Marnobre company, in Brazil.


Extension of Industrial Unit 1: + 6000m2.


Brasmar acquired 50% of Grupomar’s share capital, an expert in codfish production.


New transformation area for fish, soaking and freezing of codfish.


New production and logistics unit with 7000m2.


Formation of the Brasmar company.

Brasmar around the world

Portugal: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 3 industrial units and 2 commercial units in Portugal.

Industrial units:

  • Trofa – Frozen products
  • Gafanha da Nazaré – Salted codfish
  • V. N.Famalicão – Salted codfish

Commercial units:

  • Trofa (Head office)
  • V. N. Famalicão

Spain: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 2 industrial units and 3 commercial units in Spain.

Industrial units:

  • León – Smoked products
  • Logroño – Cooked products

Commercial units:

  • Madrid
  • Vigo
  • Logroño

USA: Commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team dedicated to the American market, based in Miami, Florida.

Norway: Industrial and commercial units

The Brasmar Group has 1 industrial unit and 1 commercial unit in Norway.

Industrial unit:

  • Brodr. Aarseth in Ellingsøy – Salted codfish

Commercial unit:

  • Aalesund Seafood in Alesund – Codfish and derivatives

Italy: Brasmar Italia SRL commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team based in the Italian market.

Brazil: Marnobre commercial unit

The Brasmar Group has 1 commercial unit in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo.

France: Sedisal commercial unit

The Brasmar Group has 1 commercial unit in France, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz .

United Kingdom: Commercial unit

Brasmar has a commercial team dedicated to the UK market, based in London.

Brasmar Policy

  • Ensuring safe products for consumption, through the implementation of a culture of food safety and good practices, in order to strengthen the supply chain.

  • Manage a system supported by three pillars: improvement continuous, customer satisfaction and compliance with defined requirements (legal, regulatory, customers).

  • Ensure and promote interactive and transparent communication with customers, suppliers, employees, society and entities related to the company's activity.

  • Ensure improvement continuous environmental performance by reducing of the specific consumption of natural resources, prevention of pollution and alterations climate.

  • Adopt innovative processes and methodologies that constitute a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Strategic management that ensure the development sustainable business.

  • Contribute to improving the quality of life of consumers and future generations, offering healthy products prepared in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment, minimizing the risks inherent to the activities for employees, service providers and visitors. Promote a culture of safety, through the participation and consultation of workers.

  • Assuming a clear orientation for its employees and the community, under the principle that human capital is the key to the development and success of Brasmar' s results.