At Brasmar, all our production units follow the IFS Food certification standards, which define the food safety requirements for the organisations that aim to distinguish themselves by the excellent quality, food safety and satisfaction of their clients. We have created, for each unit, control systems and procedures that audit every stage of the production process, in order to ensure that the product leaving our facilities is in perfect conditions.

Here are some of the procedures adopted:

  • Daily control of the reception of raw materials, throughout the several stages of the production process and at the end of the useful life of our products;
  • Continuous training of our teams, reinforcing their qualifications for the different jobs;
  • Good practices in terms of manufacturing, hygiene, labelling control and Food Defence;
  • Cleansing, disinfection and monitoring of the correct sanitisation of rooms, equipment and utensils;
  • Surprise testing of employees’ hands to evaluate correct sanitisation;
  • Measurement and monitoring equipment to control the temperature and humidity of all production areas.

Access the IFS Food certifications here:
Unit 1 in Trofa
Unit 2 in Famalicão
Unit 3 in Gafanha da Nazaré
Unit 4 in Léon
Unit 5 in Logroño

Halal certification: In a permanent search for the quality certification of all its products, Brasmar obtained the Halal certification. This certification allowed for the expansion of our target markets, ensuring the certified supply to a group of consumers with great potential in terms of national and international consumption – the Muslim population.

Access to the Halal certification here