Passion for seafood

We have an enormous passion for the sea, maintaining, throughout the years, a decisive proximity with the culture, respect and tradition of the oceans.

Our brands

We have a complete portfolio in the sector of frozen, chilled and salted sea products, providing diverse and innovative solutions to all clients.

At Brasmar, we believe in the innovation and modernisation of processes, in the sustainability of the future, and in the work and management models.

Brasmar refreshes and modernizes its brand identity to communicate the essence of the sea

Brasmar, the current Portuguese releases to the market a new packaging for the "Brasmar" and "Brasmar Seleção" ranges.

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The future depends on a sustained development for the creation of value.

At Brasmar, we believe that the creation of value increasingly requires the integration of several dimensions of Sustainable Development in strategic and operational management decisions. Our sustainability strategy is based on the analysis of the results of the commitment of stakeholders, industry, management strategies and internal good practices, as well as listening to the sector of sea-related products through benchmarking. Supporting the communities through our Social Responsibility are principles that are part of our DNA.

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