News Brasmar refreshes and modernizes its brand identity to communicate the essence of the sea

Brasmar refreshes and modernizes its brand identity to communicate the essence of the sea

Brasmar, the current Portuguese leader in food industry of seafood products, releases to the market a new packaging for the “Brasmar” and “Brasmar Seleção” ranges, four years after its last rebranding. This rebranding intends to transmit the company’s deep connection to the sea, the freshness of its products and its valorization for the fishing art and culture. The new brand identity highlights Brasmar’s logo, allowing the brand to be more easily identifiable.

Designed with the intent of modernizing and improving the company’s communication with its consumers, such like health claims and nutrition values’ data, this rebranding reinforces the adaptation of Brasmar to the emerging market trends.

The two ranges, “Brasmar” and “Brasmar Seleção“, distinguish themselves by the elements that compose them. When the communication regards the “Brasmar” range, a light blue wood background is used in the packaging, whilst in the Brasmar Seleção range, intended for selected products, a dark blue wood background is used.

The rope in both packagings represents the visual key element that serves as a distinctive identifier to the brand.

The product identification labels were also upgraded, to make it easier for the consumer to correctly differentiate the characteristics of each one. Similarly, the nutrition facts and health labels remain present but were altered in format in order to make it clear and more notable for the consumer.

This renewal aims to modernize the brand, highlighting the nutritional values of Brasmar products and, in addition, to grow brand recognition in the linear“, points out Fátima Macedo, Brand Manager at Brasmar.

Further proof that Brasmar, whilst leader in the seafood sector in Portugal, constantly seeks to strengthen its proximity with the consumer and ensure to deliver ongoing innovation, have been essential prerequisites for the company’s growth and competitiveness, achieved nationally and internationally.